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A number of trends were broken, and it seems the market is pricing in the end of rate rises. They could well be wrong and the week ahead will also be pivotal with the FOMC meeting mid-week. The fallout of FTX initially spread to stocks but then stocks looked past that and with the, slightly, weaker CPI print roared higher. The week ahead is pretty much the last for the year with next week being quiet and then the festive week being silent too. Today will be the last post from us for the year as well. Despite the Fed heads jawboning, which bonds reacted to but stocks did not, the market ended last week jubilant that a soft landing is likely.

In this article, you will find answers to these questions. Like most traders, I was obsessed with day trading at the start of my career, it’s what I studied, it’s how I traded, it was how I lived. Investing in U.S. and regional exchange-traded stocks and ETFs commission-free carries risk since the value of investments can go up and down. Leveraged OTC derivatives and crypto asset trading outside an exchange is highly volatile, holds a high degree of risk and may expose investors to significant and rapid losses. Investing in such derivative instruments might not be suitable for all investors.

To Be In Control Of Your Trading, Stop Trying To Control The Market

This means sticking to your trading plan, avoiding impulsive trades, and being willing to wait for the right opportunities to present themselves. NinjaTrader is a powerful trading platform that offers advanced charting and market analysis tools, as well as the ability to automate trades. It supports multiple asset classes, including forex, futures, and stocks. An economic calendar is a tool that displays upcoming economic events and their potential impact on the forex market.

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  • Traders buy one currency and sell another, hoping to profit from the exchange rate change between the two currencies.

Last week the markets rolled over somewhat with a general bounce across assets. Bucking the trend is the commodity market which continues to push higher led by oil price of course. US Inflation caught the market out, well the stock traders anyway.

Quotes That Will Transform Your Trading

We Talk Trade is another forex trading blog that has a huge amount of free content and therefore a lot of valuable information for newbie forex traders. They release free ebooks from time to time and I’d recommend circling back to the site every few months to read through all of the latest content. The amount of money you can make from forex trading will depend on several factors, including your trading strategy, risk management plan, market knowledge, and financial goals.

Effective risk management can help you avoid significant losses and preserve your trading capital. Forex trading offers a flexible and accessible way to participate in the global financial market. With the right approach, it can be a lucrative source of income, providing the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies but need to know when it is better to sell or buy them? What happens to the prices in the crypto market, and what should you consider?

Weekly Market Analysis 22.08.2022 – 26.08.2022

Forex traders use economic calendars to stay informed about key events and to anticipate market movements. Technical indicators are mathematical calculations based on an instrument’s price and/or volume. Forex traders use Forex Trading Blog technical indicators to help inform their trading decisions and identify potential trading opportunities. Some popular technical indicators include Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Forex Trading Blog

It needed to take a breather after the hectic sell off from the inflation numbers. The market, for no discernible reason, decided on Friday that inflation is no longer the important issue, but the looming recession is. A busy schedule in the week ahead should provide some directional trading and volatility. Last week finished with the USA job numbers coming in hotter than expected, adding 372K over an expected 260K.

Trading software has become an incredibly large industry thanks to landmark computer programming. Today’s article will explain what options, stocks and ETFs are, compare the three and see the pros and cons of these trading software types. There needs to be a cocktail of factors that set the bedrock for the economy to flourish, and that’s what economic indicators are for. Today we’ll look at the indicators that signal both a strong and weak economy.

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