Property listing business model is necessary due to the changes happening in the ways businesses are being done. These changes are happening in all sectors. Who could have thought maybe 40 to 50 years ago that books will gradually move towards electronic books (ebooks and audiobooks) as we know them today? It is the change I am talking about.

These changes will continue even into unimaginable changes in the future. The changes are geared towards finding better ways of being and living here on earth. any business that refuses to evolve will become outdated.

the above description has prompted the necessity of this business model. it is really a frustrating thing moving from one end of the town to another in search of the house you want, land, office space and what have you when you can easily use your phone to check online through property listing websites out there and then make a choice.

property listing website is also a necessary business model that has come to enhance the traditional way of doing real estate business in the sense that the millennials and Gen Ziers are attuned to online things. Studies have shown that these two groups consist of a very large part of the population. You can’t ignore them as a business owner. They are disrupters by nature and may not stick to the traditional ways of doing things in this case real estate business.

It is also important to note that this business model is not only beneficial to the members of the public by providing them ease and a convenient way of locating homes and properties, but it is also very beneficial to the agents and real estate firms. Because what Paystack is to businesses and their customers is what this business model is to real estate agencies and agents as well as landlords. It has provided a meeting point between members of the public and agents/agencies and landlords. in other words, it offers ease of connection between potential tenants or buyers and the agents/landlords.

How it works for the Agents/Landlords

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Register with your name and email.
  3. proceed to create a listing.
  4. All you need is a clear pictures of the exterior and interior of the houses highlighting its Unique Selling points.
  5. Then follow the listing prompts and list your property.
  6. Whereby you cannot do that, you can send in the pictures to be listed for you by the website’s admin.
  7. It is a paid service for you becuase the websites are heavily advertised to get tennants and buyers from allover the place.

How it works for the members of the public

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Register with your email and name.
  3. Proceed to properties to search for the property of your choice.
  4. Make a choice and reach out the Agent or Landlaord that listed it who contacts will be there.
  5. When you must have rented the aprtment or bought the land then tell others about the website and leave a review …lol

This is what the property listing business model is all about. Now go and spread the good news to real estate agents that you know and members of the public.

So, when you hear properties, the first place to come to should be

Have great life always.

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