10 Quick Tips about Business Development (Part 1)

Business development is a term that is not new to us; it is one that is bound to come up when long-term value is being created from internal or external stakeholders. If you are looking for a fast way to take your business to the next level, business development is important. However, expectations should be realistic as it is an ongoing process. Let’s explore

five tips that can help you on your journey towards understanding and mastering business development.

Tip One: Organization is the key

It will be hard to create value when files, systems and records are disorganized. In the business of real estate, it is important to stay organized by collating all contacts, leads, sales and customer service activities in a central location. You’d be amazed at the time you would save and how it will impact what really matters. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches in the organization of your thoughts, strategies and business practices. You may experience failure as you go but in those mistakes, you will learn what does and doesn’t work for your brand.

Tip Two: There is no such thing as too much knowledge

To succeed, you have to be ready to unlearn, learn and relearn. The world of real estate is always changing and you need to build your business development skills. You could start by figuring out what skills are important for your area of focus and find out the resources that can help you master and effectively apply those skills. There are so many resources that can help you navigate the learning process and some come without any financial obligation like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, online courses, among others. You can also gain a lot of insights on emerging trends from thought leaders and learn from experienced professionals who share their wins, mistakes and losses.

Tip Three: You can’t do it all, delegate

It is important to embrace the power of delegation. There is so much to do to get your business on the right track – writing proposals, responding to customer inquiries, following up with leads, coordinating sales meetings, and so much more. You have people and resources available to help make your life easier, so make use of it. The effective use of your resources frees up more time for you to focus on business development and relationship building efforts for your clients and prospects.

Tip Four: Understand Your Audience

It is important to understand your audience. After all, they are the reason why you are in business and you need to properly understand them to add value and build trust. What are their pain points? How can your service meet their needs? What media do they prefer to engage with brands? Where and how do they spend their money? How do they perceive your brand? These are some of the questions you need to find answers to if you want to understand your audience, and in-depth research is a great place to start. This will help you focus your sales strategy around your target audience for more impact.

Tip Five: Know Your Competition

In every industry, competition is bound to be present. It is a natural part of doing business. What better way to be prepared than to study your competition?! You can do this through a number of ways like; keyword research, SWOT analysis, industry research and benchmarks, among others. Competitor analysis is important as it helps you know the market share they have and how they meet the needs in their market. Study their strengths and weaknesses so that you can know your competitive advantage and set your brand apart from the rest.

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