Automation + Digital Transformation: The Key to Unlocking Business Growth

For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology. Lack of proper change management planning and execution is one of the most common reasons RPA deployments fail. RPA and intelligent RPA can enable very new approaches to working for employees who have done their jobs a certain way for some time. For example, RPA might be coupled with intelligent character recognition and optical character recognition .

What is automation in digital transformation

Contact center RPA applications might incorporate natural language processing and natural language generation to enable chatbots. Leverage the power of the cloud to deliver digital enterprise solutions that are secure, high-performing and designed to meet your business needs. Series of webinars designed to give you insight to understand how digital transformation can improve manufacturing operations with enhanced analytics. Achieve faster ROI with full-featured AI-driven robotic process automation .

Choosing the right digital process automation tool can make all the difference

As Ajay Agrawal and colleagues argue, even with the best AI, data science, and analytics, it is up to us humans to work out what to do with a prediction. Suppose that your insights tell you that a certain type of leader is more likely to derail — how will you change your internal hiring and development process? Or what if it tells you that customers dislike a certain product — how will this influence your product development and marketing strategy? And suppose that you can predict if some clients are at risk of going to your competitors, what will you do?

Automatically support all mobile devices and speed up the approval process by providing 24/7 access from anywhere. Instead, it’s the combination of numerous projects that transform every aspect of your organization to be digital-first. All Support Services Access a full-range of support options that provide you flexibility with dedicated resources.

Automation is at the heart of digital business transformation

However, Forrester shows that 77 percent of enterprises still at least partially rely on paper processes, and 63 percent rely on Excel-type programs. As a result, companies are struggling to meet consumer expectations around speed and streamlined experiences. digital transformation and process automation To stay competitive, organizations need to accelerate their digitization and automation efforts to keep pace with the rate of change. Industrial data is generated at such high volumes and speed that accurately capturing it can be challenging.

  • It isn’t one magic product or service that you can buy, nor is it one specific practice.
  • Individuals focused on low-level work will be reallocated to implement and scale these solutions as well as other higher-level tasks.
  • Anywhere there is a process in which people and machines coexist, Digital Transformation can be useful.
  • Your social media presence can encompass service and marketing, tied together by a digital platform that captures customer information, creates personalized journeys, and routes customer queries to your service agents.
  • And ultimately, it changes customer expectations and creates new business opportunities.

Infuse intelligence into your enterprise with actionable insights and unlock scalable enterprise insights through unified data and integrated systems. Explore the whitepapers, videos, articles, webinars, and other resources to see how industry-leaders are transforming their organizations. Faster processes and shorter customer wait times—that’s the brilliance of AI-powered automation. While RPA software can help an enterprise grow, there are some obstacles, such as organizational culture, technical issues and scaling. The article by Arjun Jamnasdass, Chief Customer Officer of AgilePoint explains the concept of codeless, a new paradigm in software and enterprise application development. As these examples show, Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword or a passing fad businesses can afford to ignore.


By educating your staff and investing in training programs, you can prepare teams for ongoing shifts in priorities. The second component of intelligent automation isbusiness process management , also known as business workflow automation. Business process management automatesworkflowsto provide greater agility and consistency to business processes.

What is automation in digital transformation

Moving paper copies of patient records into a digital format that can be processed by a computer, for example, is digitizing patient records to create electronic medical records. Digitization is the first step toward automation because the information has to be available and digestible to any automation technology before it can be automated. Digitization and automation may seem like typical corporate buzzwords, but they’re not just jargon. The reality is that they’re both critical to gaining a competitive advantage. In our tech-focused society, individuals are fast to adopt and leverage technology to their advantage, and people expect companies to keep up with changing consumer behavior.

Key Business Workflows to Automate for Digital Transformation Success

Forrester dives into the culture and discipline required to make innovation at scale a force for business success. Further along the digital transformation continuum, hyperautomation supports the ongoing evolution of business. Harness cognitive technologies to create flexible automations to find and work with data from any information source.

Consider, for example, the advent of digital marketing, which gave rise to Digital Dot and other such agencies. However, this is not the result of a simple collection of various technologies, automation, or otherwise. The role of automation in digital transformation is vital, but any “transformation” entails much more.

Digital transformation, innovation and growth is accelerated by automation

But NGL is using SCADA technology to turn this problem on its head with the creation of a “smart field” for its saltwater disposal facilities that provide transportation, storage, blending, and marketing of crude oil. Each component and site knows the data and capacity of other components and sites, which allows the company to move assets around like pieces on a chess board. Trucks no longer need to be turned away, they can instead be redirected to facilities with capacity. Aside from data itself, perhaps the biggest advantage is cloud computing and web-based applications that allow you to monitor and control equipment and processes at any time and from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Data is the new oil in modern industry, and digital data can be viewed, recorded, and/or shared in real-time with web-based cloud applications. Getting the right people access to the right data accommodates true preventative maintenance and predictive analytics. Intelligent automation streamlines processes that were otherwise comprised of manual tasks or based on legacy systems, which can be resource-intensive, costly, and prone to human error. The applications of IA span across industries, providing efficiencies in different areas of the business. Robotic process automation uses software robots, or bots, to complete back-office tasks, such as extracting data or filling out forms.

Benefits Digital Process Automation (DPA) Software brings to your organization

One of the biggest hurdles to digital transformation is the burden of existing business processes that consume resources and leave zero time for strategy and innovation. On the digital playing field, every aspect of business—from products, services, and profit models, to the customer experience and value propositions—is fair game for reinvention. In other words, digital transformation isn’t about the data, it’s about business strategy.

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