5 Recovery Sayings You’ll Remember Forever

Finances, relationships, and personal wellbeing all get sacrificed, while the underlying issues the person was struggling with tend only to worsen. The escape substances provided are temporary, but the costs can be permanent. The “cure” for the internal pain, actually creates a much worse problem.

Family of addicts quotes can encourage loved one’s to carry on. Sharing sobriety quotes during recovery from addiction can provide much-needed encouragement to keep progressing each day sober. Celebrating sobriety anniversary quotes is a great inspiration.

Recovery Quotes that May Help Inspire You to Stay Sober

Many of us in the recovery world collect addiction recovery quotes and sayings like other people collect snow globes or stamps. If you have been in recovery for a while you might notice yourself remembering a saying that you heard at a meeting a year ago and using it in your life when you need it. Maybe you have wished at some point that you could write them all down or have them in one place. So, we compiled a list of our favorites that you can refer to at any time!

Several treatment options can effectively treat addiction. If you’re struggling with an addiction, no one needs to tell you it’s tough – you’re living it day in and day out. There may be times that you could benefit from a few motivating words, however, to remind you that you’re not alone and that recovery is really possible.

Addiction Treatments

Our representatives work for a treatment center and will discuss whether their facility may be an option for you. When things feel overwhelming and you think you just can’t do it, look back and see what you have already overcome. Think of how you will feel on the other side of any hardship you face.

  • Treatment provides an opportunity for the addict and their families to move beyond their fears and learn how to address painful issues and conflict in a healthier way.
  • However, too many people allow their fear of failing to stop them from trying in the first place.
  • Most days it feels like a natural part of myself, while other days it is a choice I have to make that day.
  • I like this one because it basically means we are responsible for doing our part in situations, but we cannot control the overall outcome of a circumstance.
  • While the family arises from undeniable difficulties, hope and inspiration from one’s family can be a genuine turning.

One of the safest ways to rid toxins from one’s body is to enter a treatment center that is experienced with detoxification. However, as a recovering addict, you must be ready to summon an inner reservoir of strength to make it through the day successfully. This is one of those addiction recovery quotes that I know will hit home for a lot of folks who hit rock bottom in their journey. It’s okay to make mistakes, and how sobriety sayings we overcome those hardships is what makes us stronger and opens up our body, mind, and soul for an extraordinary destiny. Another study suggests that positive messages can counter and help reduce people’s tendency to hang onto negative experiences, such as the challenges of addiction and withdrawal. If you are the romantic partner of an addict and are looking for love and addiction quotes, this truly applies to you.

Sobriety Quotes – Overdose Awareness Quotes

Typically it is the anniversary of their first day of getting sober and no longer drinking alcohol. The actual AA Birthday date or happy sobriety birthday day is not as important as the reasons for celebrating one’s recovery success. Sobriety quotes can help you discover inspiration and motivation for anyone in recovery to continue their sobriety. Read, share, and be inspired by these beautiful sober anniversary quotes.

What is a famous quote on alcohol?

If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen. It's a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people. Death: "THERE ARE BETTER THINGS IN THE WORLD THAN ALCOHOL, ALBERT."

But the life that sobriety has given to me feels like a much better, richer life than the one I had before I stopped drinking. My first five years of drinking alcohol were incredibly fun, and the last five years were rough. I know for a fact that I was using alcohol to numb all the shitty parts of my life because I’m currently in the process of working through all that shit I was suppressing. Sometimes, relapsing is a part of the sobriety process. There have definitely been moments where I’ve thought about drinking over the last nine months.

For example, if you suffer from anxiety, maybe drugs and alcohol helped to quiet those anxious, self-deprecating thoughts. Studies show an important link between generalized anxiety and substance abuse. Abusing https://ecosoberhouse.com/ substances might have allowed you to feel more comfortable around others and release your inhibitions. In fact, many subconsciously believe that they need to be high or drunk to be accepted by others.

What is the slogan of AA recovery?

We have three little mottoes which are apropos. Here they are: “FIRST THINGS FIRST” “LIVE AND LET LIVE” and “ EASY DOES IT.”

Reading our popular 100 sobriety anniversary quotes or sobriety words of encouragement can help you gain the confidence you need to overcome addiction. Find below our top stay sober quotes for virtually any “soberity quotes” celebration. This quote highlights the inner strength that addicts and alcoholics working to heal from addiction possess. Recovery requires a person to take a deep look inside and confront their darkest fears. Many people will never understand the daily work one must do in recovery. When one is learning how to navigate life without drugs and alcohol, they are bound to make mistakes and struggle.

Keep a gratitude journal and write a list of blessings that have come from getting and staying sober. Reread your list when you’re feeling weak, Dr. Heinzerling suggests. One of the best things about getting sober is how quickly you start to see positive changes in your health and life,” Dr. Heinzerling says. Staying sober can definitely be hard, and I have certainly had my moments.

  • It’s easy to reflect on the past and get stuck on what you should have done differently.
  • However, if you look at these struggles as evidence of failure, it will be much harder to remain committed to your recovery.
  • At the end of the day, we need to accept that we are the only person who can be responsible for our happiness.

The worst part for many is the regret we feel, but freedom from alcohol abuse is rising from rock bottom. You only need to go one day at a time for the rest of your life. Our personal experience contains a plethora of possibilities. Everything stems from who we are which is why the process of recovery improves us as human beings. The biggest fear is not failure, but not pushing back against failure. Unfortunately, alcohol does not experience the inverse Lima syndrome and care for us.

The alcoholic is far from the only person affected by their drinking. Alcoholism is a family disease and the family needs to heal too. The worst day of sobriety exceeds the best days of drinking. We disappear entirely as our addictions worsen and become incapable of self-love because all we can love is the substance we abuse. When we have a substance abuse disorder, we lose ourselves in the people we seem to be. We battled against those we loved and now our recovery helps prevent a recurrence.

sobriety sayings

The path ahead can seem too difficult and challenging. This is where some wise words and a jolt back to reality can help motivate us in the right direction. In other words, as long as you’re not moving backward, you’re doing something right. The end goal of sobriety is not to become a perfect person.

To help you stay motivated on your road to recovery, we rounded up some inspirational quotes to remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles and that you’ve got this. Overcoming the power of addiction is no easy achievement. Every day can be a struggle against inner turmoil, and outside pressures, exerting influence on you. Sometimes, it helps to hear motivational quotes about willpower and finding the strength to overcome any challenge, no matter how great.

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