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We provide users of our platform with ease, comfort and
the convenience of house/property search by connecting them to landlords and agents that are trusted and verified.


We offer second to none timely and prompt support to our clients.

We offer second to none timely and prompt support to our clients.


Property Flow is a trading name of Neoflow Resources Limited which is duly registered with CAC.

Property Flow is also an agency, we do not only bring properties to your living room through our easy to navigate website, as an agency, but we also take you to the physical location of the properties in our care and listed by us.
Other agencies, freelance realtors can create their corporate profiles on our website.

Properties of all types can be listed on our platform ranging from homes, houses, lands, office spaces, shops, hotels, other commercial properties and all categories of real estate companies in Owerri and environs are highly welcomed to partner with us.

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