January 2024

Western Bridal Customs

Every lifestyle and nation has its own unique traditions that enhance the ceremony, despite the fact that there are many common aspects to weddings. These customs of European weddings are both stunning and great ways estonian women to show off a couple's union. There are many techniques to integrate these customs into your big moment, from a bread and salt meeting to a bridesmaid pin.In Germany, one of the...

Marriage Tradition in Thailand

Any Thai couple's marriage day is a important event in their lives. Traditionally, the pair kneel in front of their parents or elders to express love and ask for forgiveness before an older man, known as a' sai sin', is invited to thank the couple https://www.history.com/news/6-surprising-facts-about-st-valentine. The newly-weds are moreover dipped in sacred water and tied with bits of bright thread," sai...

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